RESERVEDnyc – Chef Shorne Benjamin

Chef Shorne Benjamin – featured chef at OCEAN Style RESERVEDnyc – Chefs of the Caribbean

Chef Shorne Benjamin

The Journey:
My passion for cooking developed in my grandmother’s kitchen in St. Lucia.  Vividly, I remember the way she mixed spices and herbs to create delicious meals that permeated throughout the house. As a curious child her culinary talent seemed limitless, but I remember her stew was always my favorite dish.  At the tender age of 7, I became her little assistant and I’ve had no desire to leave the kitchen since.

My friends and family became my biggest critics since I somehow managed to even turn our customary Sunday dinner into my culinary showcase. I found joy in cooking for many people with diverse palates and spent long hours experimenting with various dishes, spices, tastes and textures. Before long, I developed my signature flair – a culinary art form I call “New Age Caribbean”.  It can simply be defined as ‘a Caribbean-inspired fusion of flavors and conceptual cooking.’

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, passion and dreams of owning my own restaurant, I migrated to the United States and pursued a degree in Finance and Culinary Arts.  I completed courses towards a B.A. in Finance in 2004, while working on Wall Street from 2000 – 2008.  In 2009, studied Culinary Arts at the prestigious French Culinary Institute and became a Certified Chef upon graduation.

Culinary Highlights include:
Co-founder of ShorCulinaire Inc., Private Chef and Catering Services.
Worked alongside renowned Master Chef Jean George owner of the popular ABC Restaurant (NYC) and alongside Chef James Jermyn at the award-winning restaurant, Maloney & Porcelli.  Also worked with Executive Chef James Patterson at the well-known Lower East Side (NYC) contemporary Italian restaurant called Falai in addition to private clients.

Chef Shorne Benjamin is one of the featured chefs at RESERVEDnyc – Chefs of the Caribbean. August 7, 2014. 267 Fifth Avenue, NYC.