Scot Sardinha: Fusing Logic And Line In Design


Scot Sardinha is not a mathematician. He is a designer. His forms are elegant representations of innovative visions, born of a mind in continuous motion. A logical thinker, and one appreciative of nature’s creative genius, his art is inspired by natural shapes. Driftwood on the beach. Waves in the ocean. Spirals in seashells.

Men of numbers and science have commented on Scot’s creative use of the golden ratio, a precise mathematical expression of measurement and repetition. Nature builds some of her finest creations with it, as evidenced in the chambered nautilus, the human ear, and the arrangement of pinecones, pineapple segments, or sunflower seed heads. Scot drew on nature’s handiwork, mimicking its design in his own.

“Visual art must have a marriage with math to have something of interest to your audience. Math and art go hand in hand.”

Scot comes by his creative genius naturally, his forms taking pleasant shapes that resonate deeply in a serendipitous relationship with nature’s mathematics. Not a math scholar early on, his respect for the concepts emerged over time in his 27 years working with light, elements, and different mediums.

With a portfolio engaging a range of media, Scot shows enviable talent spanning both two- and three-dimensional works. His furniture designs capture a particularly engaging elegance of line, turning sketch to reality with exquisite workmanship and finishing with a sophisticated colour palette.


A youth spent in Caribbean waters, enjoying the lush landscapes and beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Scot’s vision is richly textured with the influences of the Windwards, conveying his love of the ocean. Summers in France added to Scot’s cosmopolitan stature, enhanced by a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree awarded by Morris Brown College, additional experience in New York City, and life along the California Coast, weaving a colorful tapestry of natural environments as reference.

Refining and uniting all these elements, as Scot begins work on a new piece he enters a space at play with logic, angles, and shapes, transferring his vision to plan.

“Simplicity is the way of the elevated mind. The simpler a piece, the more impactful it is.”

Deriving joy from all parts of the creative process, Scot proceeds slowly, looking for ways to innovate, employing his knack for seeing things differently. From concept to construction to finished piece, his reward is seeing ideas come to fruition, sometimes solo, sometimes alongside peers on team projects. Some designs are sparked in an instant. Others may take weeks of designing on paper to get it right. It’s all about working in harmony with the intended environment.


Superb pieces of Scot’s lines have found the enthusiastic embrace of celebrity, finding favor with Will & Jada Smith, Cedric & Lorna Kyles, Mark & Christine Lyn, and Queen Latifah, to name a few, in home and office environments. Collaborative efforts with Jaden Smith are in the works, while discussion with other distinguished creatives in different lanes of design, such as Jimmy Choo, link Scot to new projects.

Currently designing for land-based residential and commercial lifestyles, it is certain Scot’s work would complement realms outside of his established domain. A suggestion that his style would mesh with sleek superyachts brings a smile. Pushed a bit further, his response to a possible approach to a yachting project prompted reflection.

Growing up around boats, Scot admits he has always been fond of them. Imagining the opportunity to switch gears, designing for marine interiors, his vision is one that meshes indoor environments with outdoors, emphasizing water-level hydraulic doors that put guests at water’s edge, in a collection of functional spaces that are also beautiful. Intelligently and brilliantly designing for a lifestyle in tune with sea, sky, and sun, a Sardinha marine interior design is not outside the realm of possibility.


“The toughest piece I’ve worked on? It’s whichever one I’m working through at the moment.”

Passionate about each piece, centering on the work at hand makes it both the most challenging, and the most interesting in his portfolio. Upon completion of a new piece, Scot continues to push the envelope, looking ahead toward what is to come.

As a stunning new line is about to emerge, he peers into the future, predicting interactive functionality of furniture design will involve technology and materials intended for more than one use. Certain to create mileposts by which others are judged, it will be both pleasure and privilege to follow his creative path.

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