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Silk Road International Fashion Week 2017 held in Chongqing, China

CHONGQING, China/ — Silk Road International Fashion Week 2017 was held in Chongqing, China from December 3 to December 10, concurrently with the Global Finale of “I CityTM “AMA Asian International Super Model Contest. Silk Road International Fashion Week is the world’s first fashion event that took the Silk Road as its theme rather than being named after the host city. The organizing committee of the event selects the host city for each edition of the event, among the cities around the world that have entered a bid, based on certain criteria. The event is considered the Olympics of the fashion industry, and cities in all the countries along the Silk Road are qualified to apply.

Organizing committee chairman Wang Haotian said, Silk Road International Fashion Week 2017 was organized by the Zhongguancun Global Fashion Creative Industries Alliance and the Asia Model Association and co-organized by Huoerguosi Mojie Culture Media Co., Ltd, Special launch events for several designer collections, the Silk Road International Fashion Forum, the Silk Road International Fashion Ceremony and the Fashion Crafter Gold Lei Award Ceremony were held during the event, with representatives from CambodiaCanadaChinaItalyJapanMongoliathe PhilippinesRussiaSouth Korea and Vietnam in attendance. Designers including Zheng Qinger, Xiao Lu, Hu Sheguang, Qiao Jiangjiang, Flavia, Maria Kazak, Philip Cho, Ariunaa SurenjavMario Orfei and Антон Пермяков Россия held their personal fashion shows, respectively, with Matt Lee, a model from Macao and multi-talented artist, receiving wide attention.

The Fashion Crafter Gold Lei Award is designed to commemorate the craftsmanship of Lei Zu, a famous woman in ancient China and recognize the fashion practitioners who are named as examples in terms of craftsmanship and compete for the highest award in fashion. As the inventor of mulberry silk, Lei Zu was the first to create and develop silkworm breeding, as well as silk production and clothing making techniques. Lei Zu is considered as one of China’sfirst contributors to the development of human civilization as well as one of the originators of the country’s clothing and fashion industries. The organizers of the Silk Road International Fashion Week 2017 help to revive the Silk Road in an entirely modern way, in line with today’s fashion trends!

SOURCE Huoerguosi Mojie Culture Media Co., Ltd.