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Snorelax: An Innovative Snore Solution for Sleep Lovers

Snorelax™ eliminates snoring by providing jaw support and keeping the airway open so you can breathe easy for a restful, quiet sleep

HOUSTONFeb. 8, 2018 / — Snorelax an innovative product on Kickstarter is the brainchild of two Texas Medical Doctors with a combined 65 years-experience – married to sleep sabotaged wives.Statistically, snoring is the #3 cause of divorce in the United States as reported by the Harvard Medical School.  The American Sleep Association (ASA) states that 50-70 million US adults suffer from sleep disorders, 48% report snoring.

“It’s a shame that so many romantic Valentine’s dates will probably never make it to the bedroom,” said Jaime Raijman, partner, Snorelax. “Like most nights, married couples are too busy putting distance between themselves and the ‘freight train’ – to get ‘BUSY.'”

Snorelax are available 60 strips to a box for 30 blissful “relationship saving” nights sleep.

Snorelax, thin, removable stabilizing strips are applied to both sides of the face and under the jaw for better air flow and less airway vibrations while you sleep.  Snorelax proves to have many advantages over conventional snore devices; mainly they are comfortable and less expensive.  Prior to Snorelax, the only alternatives were expensive dental appliances crammed inside of the mouth, restrictive elastic bands stretched over the head and chin, nose plugs, or inflatable gadgets.

Raijman explained, “Snorelax aims to eliminate snoring the first night you wear them –  for less than a dollar a day,” and adds, “More couples will be leaving the couch and sleeping together because of Snorelax.”

Snorelax announced the company will officially launch its premiere product, Snorelax, on Kickstarter on Wed. February 7, 2018.  With a funding goal of $14,500, Snorelax will begin shipping products in May 2018.

Snorelax will be available in packs of 60, allowing for two per night.  They feature 100% cotton-enhanced breathing and a tri-layer design to improve fabric strength, while remaining soft.  Biodegradable, they are also equipped with a micro-grip adhesive for a long and comfortable wear – even for beards.

Snorelax will be available on Kickstarter with prices ranging from $20 – $29.  Supporters are encouraged to back the Kickstarter campaign within the first hour to receive the best price possible for the world’s most effective snoring solution.

More information about Snorelax’s Kickstarter campaign can be found at www.snorelax.com

For further information or interview, please contact Laura Bartlett 214-450-9675 at 190072@email4pr.com.

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