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Strategies For Women To Reach Their Full Potential

Confrontation 9: Strategies For Women To Reach Their Full Potential While Maintaining Life Balance

CropperCapture[2](Dallas, TX) – September 1, 2014 – Dilshad Dayani advocates for women around the globe through speaking engagements, community initiatives and her new book, Confrontation 9: Taking on the Challenges of Work, Family and Purpose, that just hit the bestseller status on Amazon.com!

Dayani’s message is one that every man, woman, boy and girl should hear. It’s a message that explores the cultural perspective of success – questioning culture, customs, norms, traditions and unwarranted conformity. She lays the foundation of how genders define success and how culture influences those ideas. Additionally, she points out that compliancy can oftentimes stifle one’s journey to success and that the transition from the comfort zone to the adventure zone is key.

“Breaking the glass ceiling,” says Dayani, “… it’s something that is attainable for all women. Every woman has the power within her to be fulfilled, worthy, and self-empowered if she knows how to achieve her clarity of vision, purpose and values.”

Confrontation 9 offers simple strategies, designed to help women realize their true potential through motivation and empowerment, despite societal challenges and drive for approval. Dayani delves into tactics like finding confidence, and overcoming 9 roadblocks to break through stereotypical roles. The end result will be a legacy that every woman as a mother aspires to live and leave for her children building on through joy, enrichment and compassion on a daily basis.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Confrontation 9 go to World Women Global Council.