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Bernard Capulong is a leading expert in men’s accessories, with a focus in “everyday carry (EDC),” or essential items and tools carried on a daily basis. He’s the co-founder and editor-in-chief of EverydayCarry.com, named one of TIME’s Best Blogs of 2011. Since 2009, he’s highlighted the practical side of men’s accessories by showcasing contents of people’s pockets and bags from around the world, reviewing products, writing buying guides, and growing a community through his blog and social media channels. As an authority on all things pocketable, Bernard has contributed to several companies and publications through his writing, consultation and creative direction. He’s always searching for the most functional and stylish gadgets and gear, one pocket at a time. – See more here:

Bernard Capulong

Bernard Capulong

What inspired you to start the blog? I started the blog early on in my exploration of the EDC concept after discovering that information regarding everyday carry culture was difficult to understand and fragmented across inacessible, highly technical enthusiast discussion forums on the internet. I started the blog when I realized there were no modern blogs or online resources for all things everyday carry — so I made it my goal to promote the hobby I became so passionate about in a way that was appealing and easy to understand for newcomers like myself. I also sensed that existing communities only catered to a certain demographic, which was strange to me as I believed EDCs are universal. Since then, I’ve worked to build a community for EDCers from all around  the world, of all walks of life.

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Tell us about the transition from the blog you started 5 years ago to what you just launched? The blog had its humble beginnings in my personal finds of pretty pictures and reader EDCs that were only submitted on the weekends to a vastly larger, strangely addicting, ethnographic representation of people all around the world through the lens of their pockets. While it had gained tremendous traction, the blog was restricted by its very nature of being a blog from reaching its potential to deliver the experience of browsing, sharing, discussing, and procuring EDC items that both we as co-founders and our community of EDCers wanted. Transitioning from the blog to the much more engaging, feature-packed, and resourceful website took almost a year of hard work behind the scenes on top of the work we did to maintain the original blog. It took time but we were proud to finally deliver to the community the features they wanted and the experience they deserved. We still have much more we’d like to accomplish with the site, but luckily our community has been overwhelmingly receptive to our fresh start.

Tell us what an “EDC” is? EDC stands for Every Day Carry. It’s the personal collection of items that are so essential to your life that you keep them with you in your pockets or bags every single day. For many, it doesn’t go much further than their phone, wallet, and keys, but for us and for a quickly growing number of people it’s much more than that. It’s your companion in exceling in the workplace, enjoying life to the fullest, and tackling unexpected challenges in stride. It’s what you stop to make sure you have on you before you step out the door, and what throws your whole day off if it isn’t just right. It tells of your experiences, what’s important to you, and even your personal style. It’s in many ways a reflection of you and your story. Image 2
Can you explain the site to our readers in 5 words? OK, 10? [5] Looking inside people’s pockets worldwide. [10] An addictively engaging resource for people passionate about daily essentials.

Why has this become a bit of a social phenomenon? We looked it up and there are a lot of new conversations about EDCs. It’s arecognizable acronym now! One reason might be technological — with cameraphones making it easier to snap and document an EDC, and with more social networks making it easier to share, the concept can really spread and invite others to join in. Another important factor we wouldn’t want to overlook is how Bernard really spread the idea of EDC to his friends within the blogger and menswear circles. Up to now we can see the prevalence and influence of EDC in many men’s fashion and accessories stores, publications and online communities.

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Why do you think men submit their EDCs? I think the reasons for documenting a carry can differ, but many look to their peers in the community for advice or recommendations on how they can improve their EDC. There are plenty of products out there and it’s difficult to see which one would be best for an individual, so reviews and comments from likeminded EDCers are very helpful. Others have gone through the trial-and-error process of trying out products and keeping what works best for them, and for them, they share because they’re proud of what their carry has become, and want to share with others their findings in hopes they help someone out too. Folks who document their carries for each of these reasons help each other in some way, and that keeps the conversation going — We have been trying to engage in that conversation ourselves, and to provide a platform for people to get some visibility on their EDC through the website.

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What makes for a good submission?
“To me, a good everyday carry is practical, reliable, and arguably most importantly, personal. It shows the foresight to include everything you might personally need for your unique day to day life, and the restraint to leave behind what you don’t. “A good submission is proud, respectful, and most importantly, personal. It shows the submitter is proud of finally reaching a practical, reliable EDC that includes everthing they might need for their day-to-day, with the restraint of leaving behind what they don’t. It respectfully displays their most cherished essentials in the most beautiful way possible. But it also goes beyond the visual, with insightful commentary that takes it to the next level. Talking about who you are, where you’re from, what you use your EDC for, and what opinions you have about your items provides context to what otherwise might be lost upon the reader as merely things in your pockets, and nothing more. It should be something the submitter can be proud to share, and the reader can find interesting, informative, and maybe even inspirational to help them improve what or how they carry.”

Tell us about the new site.
The new site is unique in a number of ways. Typically, when you purchase a wallet for example, there are several things that influence that purchase decision. It could be that you read about it in a magazine, or your friend personally recommended it. We provide information that isn’t available on other e-Commerce sites by showing you other people who own and use the wallet you’re interested in, and what their occupation or interest is, to help solidify that purchase decision. Finding popular products for specific occupations and interests also makes our site a great place to find relevant gifts. We are also really focusing on expanding our content beyond user submissions to include interviews with celebrities, product designers, influencers, and other EDC enthusiasts. We really want this site to be a useful resource for both product research and purchases.

What are some funnier submissions you remember? Two come to mind that to this day put a smile on my face: the first was submitted by a new father in the military. He repurposed his existing gear to build out a supremely rugged, tactical diaper bag for his two week old son. The other was submitted by a puppy, showcasing their neatly arranged treats, leash, toys, and other essentials a dog needs for an adventure in the park. I liked these two especially as they’re charming reminders that EDC goes beyond the items themselves — they’re very much about the person who carries them and what they’re being used for.

Tell us about the different professions that submit the most?
We see submissions from engineers, IT, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, law enforcement, and students mostly. Every day we enjoy a diverse range of professions, but one common theme is that they require a set of tools to do their job, and they’ve put much thought into refining whatever that may be.

Do the EDCs with guns create any controversy?
Because firearms are only legal in certain parts of the world or for certain professions, our widely diverse readership is often skeptical or even alarmed to see them. Our site respects that some members of the community legally carry firearms for many reasons (often for peace of mind, with the hope they will never need to use it), but we understand that our site reaches readers internationally, where firearms are not typically part of their regional EDC culture. As such, we don’t typically focus on guns, as there are plenty of existing communities that do so. Our mission is still to promote EDC but in a way that’s much more universal and accessible than before.

Can people buy the products they see on the site?
Absolutely, and our new site makes purchasing products showcased in EDCs easier than ever before. Along with each photo of EDC gear laid out is an itemized list with specific product information and links to purchase or learn more about each item. It’s a unique nature of the products on our site that they’re submitted by people like you and me, meaning they can be easily obtained. It sets us apart from other sites that show cool gear, because when a reader sees something on our site that they think is great, they can actually buy it! We hear great stories of happy readers discovering and buying a product through our site, carrying it every day, and finding it come in handy often or making their lives much easier. That is real impact. To us, that’s a much better experience than drooling over something that’s rare and unobtainable and then scrolling on to the next post.

I see you can search by profession, can you explain that to our readers?
Our site has all-new search filters and data from real users that allow you to search for products that are popular with colleagues in your specific field, profession, or interest. Finding a product this way is like receiving an indirect, positive recommendation from a like-minded peer, as it performed well enough for other people to carry and use it every single day. It’s a fast, data-driven, community centric approach to shopping that we think will be exciting to explore and develop for our users.

It is called a social commerce site. Can you explain what that means to our readers who are not so tech savvy? Social commerce in this context refers to the user promotion of the products in their submissions. We provide a way to showcase submissions to enable readers to discover these products through our curated feed or by searching via occupation or interest.

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