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Fund This Film: ‘Air Sex’ Doc to Finally Bring Mimed Fornication to the Big Screen

air sex kickstarterGiven that the Air Sex World Championships were co-founded by Alamo Drafthouse head Tim League and have been produced for many years by the cinema chain, it is only fair that the event is finally being turned into a movie. Titled Air Sex: Making Love Out of Nothing At All, the documentary will follow this year’s tour around the U.S. and ultimately cover the ASWC Finals in New Orleans. Shooting is actually beginning very soon, as the first stop of the East Coast leg of the tour is in Tampa on Thursday. While that month-long segment commences (see the dates here if you’d like to attend), the film’s production is raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign. And if you act fast enough with your pledge, you have a chance to be a judge at one of the scheduled competitions. So what is air sex? Basically just what it sounds like, a pantomime act similar to air guitar but involving totally different kinds of instruments. Although sometimes the authorities are confused about what goes on and whether or not its legal, there is no nudity and no physical interaction between two or more people. Sometimes costumes and props are involved, but otherwise it appears to be all in the make believe performance by the competitors. This is actually the first I’m hearing about it, so I’m particularly intrigued by the film project at least. Even if it doesn’t wind up being a particularly well-made documentary I’d like to check it out