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“Art with Heart” for 2015 Sugar Cane Ball

“ART WITH HEART” FOR HANOVER CHARITIES 2015 VALENTINES HOLLYWOOD GLITZ & GLAMOUR SUGAR CANE BALL Round Hill Hotel & Villas, Montego Bay Jamaica:  The internationally renowned Gallery of West Indian Art, will again be showcasing their eclectic collection during the week of the Sugar Ball being held at the Round Hill on Saturday, February 14….

Sugar Cane Ball to Celebrate Hollywood Glitz and Glamour

Hearts for Hanover Charities – 2015 Sugar Cane Valentines Ball to Celebrate Hollywood Glitz & Glamour It is that time again when Hanover Charities hosts their very special event, the Sugar Cane Ball, this year being celebrated on Valentines Day Saturday, February 14 – at the glamorous Round Hill Hotel & Villas in Montego Bay, Jamaica. A…