The 6 Best Caribbean Adventures

There’s no shortage of things to do in the Caribbean! Nature lovers and thrill seekers can find exactly what they are looking for on land and underwater in the islands. These six adventures will keep you excited and leave you in awe. Dive in or just relax and take in the sights as you enjoy the trip of a lifetime to one of the best regions in the world.

Play with the stingrays at Stingray City

Visit Stingray City to get close to the incredible stingrays in Grand Cayman! Grand Cayman is the most majestic and biggest of the Cayman Islands, and stingrays congregate here because of the easy access the area provides to food. This rare attraction has received a five-star rating because it allows you to intermingle with stingrays in some of the most stunning and safe circumstances. These animals are not afraid of people, and are pleasantly interactive. Big and beautiful, they can be touched and held.

Lounge around at Grace Bay Beach

Powdery white sand and clear as crystal water make Grace Bay a stand-out beach. It is found in Turks and Caicos, and is a great place for water sports and visiting neighboring attractions. Points of interest include eateries and shops near this beach that is always accessible and open to the public. Heading out to the beach early is recommended in order to avoid the hot sun and set up an umbrella to be shielded from its harsh rays.

Snorkel at Big Corn Island

The Corn Islands are in Nicaragua and are not as popular as many other snorkeling destinations, but that’s part of its appeal. The biodiversity is rich here, making for an unmatched snorkeling experience that allows you to become one with the marine creatures while also enjoying the tranquility of the waters.

Learn Puerto Rican history in Old San Juan

Visit Old San Juan in Puerto Rico to relive history, meet the locals, and gain a new appreciation for the culture and the origins of the region. Everything from hotels to diners is found in Old San Juan. Many of the attractions are also set within the colonial buildings that have stood the test of time.

Climb the 99 Steps

In St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, the 99 Steps are an attraction that goes toward Blackbeard’s Castle. Make your way to the top for views that are incomparable. Be sure you have your camera in hand to capture the scene and remember your moment of victory when you reach the top. The steps are surrounded by lush greenery and the lovely atmosphere delights you as you challenge yourself to keep going.

Visit Atlantis in the Bahamas

This resort has so many things to do that it would take quite a while to list them all. Have your choice of seeing the beautiful sea creatures, take the kids to enjoy many activities, relax at the spa, or party during the night at the intoxicating clubs. Just don’t get stuck at the casino with its numerous gaming options and contests that tend to keep guests entertained.

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