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The Famous Female Shoe Brand 73hours Leads the Trend in Early Spring 2018

SHANGHAIMarch 7, 2018 / — The fashion trend of Spring 2018 was led by the famous female shoe brand 73hours, reflected by well-known celebrities and female stars.

A Beloved Brand by Celebrities

The popularity of 73hours among celebrities has existed ever since the brand was first launched. They have chosen 73hours shoes to attend the Fashion Week, magazine shootings and other activities. In early 2018, 73hours announced that the famous star Elephantdee become the first brand spokesperson.

Formerly employed by world’s leading brands such as Jimmy Choo and Vivienne Westwood, the designers of 73hours are well experienced to create shoes with elegant cut riding on current trends. Above all, the boot trees of the shoes were re-designed to better suit Asian Women’s feet. Therefore, 73hours is marked favorite by many fashion experts and celebrities, with a growing number of Chinese figures that wore 73hours for their important moments.

73.3 Hours of Craftsmanship

Why 73hours? Because every pair of 73hours’ shoes will only be presented to customers after 103 procedures and 73.3 hours of craftsmanship, and this is what 73.3 hours persists in. Made of imported leather, boot trees being refined especially for Asian women, the shoes are a stunner without burden, a charm maker, and a comfy walking companion.

Beauty is what 73hours wish to deliver to all women, which demonstrates the brand philosophy: live what you like, let destiny decide.

The 73hours Stores: Romantic & Girly

Since the first store was opened in Feb 2015 in Shanghai, 73hours now has 14 branches located in the core business areas of ShanghaiBeijingNanjingShenzhen, Hangzhou, and Chengdu.

The style of decoration is unique to each other store and is always eye-catching. You will feel the romance from within when you see all the pink, gray, and gold elements the stores are decorated with — floating clouds, swimming fish, and cute animals bustling around.

SOURCE 73hours