The Magic of North Island… An Exclusive Hideaway in Seychelles

North Island

Leaving footprints on a stretch of soft powdered sand; breathing in the fresh breeze caressing the leaves of the many trees which form a long green-like necklace around the island; and watching the sun as it bids goodbye, letting its rays tickles the horizon – all these and more make up the unique and exclusive experience of North Island.
Away from city life, press, and glamour, celebrities fly to North Island in Seychelles to enjoy a blend of tranquility, wellness, and island-style luxury.

North Island is not just the perfect secluded place to have an exclusive and luxury holiday in paradise, but it is a simple and yet chic way to enjoy life to the fullest.

“Your own villa…your own world”

There are 11 villas on the island, one is the North Island villa, which was the honeymoon suite for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Top celebrities like Salma Hayek and the Beckhams have also experienced the North Island way of life and enjoyed their peaceful luxury holiday in paradise.

But each villa offers a unique experience. Equipped with all that a family needs at home and more, the villas are set to give guests comfort away from home.

The decor of the villas are impressive, one which helps to create the perfect romantic atmosphere, ideal for couples, but at the same time it is family-friendly.

Natural, simple, but very chic – these few words can describe the decor which blends in well with the unspoiled beauty of the surroundings.

The villas are very spacious, each having their own swirling pool, a well-equipped kitchen, open sitting room, and a dining area.

Every corner of the villas can be turned into relaxation spots – from the bedrooms to the open living room or on the deck with a swirling pool.

There is also a study which can be turned into a large bedroom, if need be. It is furnished with all that is needed for a comfortable stay and peaceful nights.

Fine dining and the beach bar

No need to go to restaurants for mouth-watering dishes. These can be prepared in the villa by a “private chef,” and guests can dine in style under the stars, or enjoy a healthy lunch or breakfast in their open dining area.

North Island also has a chill-out bar – the West Beach bar – where their clients can enjoy a selection of cocktails, tapas, not forgetting the music, and simply having a good time.

Those wanting a romantic night out of their villas can do so at the Island Piazz, which overlooks the azure ocean. The piazza’s decor is a stunning one – art in itself.

The honeymoon beach

Aside from the West beach, Petite Anse, the East beach has been chosen by many couples honeymooning on North Island. Secluded and offering total privacy, it is the place for those picnicking a deux.

The North Island team ensures that all is prepared for the couple, from champagne to homemade hors d’oeuvres, all in a picnic basket, so that they can indeed spend a memorable time together.

Fun for the children

North Island provides a unique experience for the children as well. There are no kids’ centers or activity rooms, as the concept is for the children to feel like they are on an island and enjoying the fun of being there and exploring the natural environment. Many activities are organized, which help the children to understand the vitality of conservation and having beautiful and natural surroundings.

Enjoying North

Compared to many of the other islands in the archipelago, North Island has no pier or jetty, and there is a reason for that. The aim of keeping it as it is, was to aid it in preserving it as a “rodent-free” island, and reduce the disruption to ocean currents and beach movements. A wooden cross on a rock at East beach which was used long ago as a navigational aid, is today the place where one can enjoy sundowner drinks.

On North Island, privacy and peace are in “abundance.” The only sounds you will hear are from nature, with the birds, the waves, and the swaying of the leaves. North Island is all about the guests, their wishes, and giving them a luxurious and once-in-a-lifetime experience on the most romantic and secluded island in the world.

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