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  • The Rozenblum Foundation and the Michael Margulies Artist Agency Present the Group Show “Futurespective,” Curated by Kiki Valdes

The Rozenblum Foundation and the Michael Margulies Artist Agency Present the Group Show “Futurespective,” Curated by Kiki Valdes


– February 12, 2013 – The Michael Margulies Artist Agency and Kiki Valdes announce “Futurespective,” a group installation focused on the exciting times in Miami’s art scene. From striving local talent to a growing impact on the international art conversation, “Futurespective” encapsulates Miami’s new era while highlighting significant developments in the city. The forward-thinking, emerging and mid-career artists showcased in “Futurespective” offer new, artistic perspectives by experimenting with contemporary media and exploring different themes to encourage new discourse.

The group show features works by local artists Christopher Carter, David Marsh, George Sanchez-Calderon, JeanPaul Mallozzi, Jel Martinez, Johnny Robles, Kiki Valdes and Ruben Ubiera. Each one differs in practice; however, all share a forward-driven vision based on a pattern of new discoveries in the Miami art landscape. Curator and artist Kiki Valdes’ close connection to each member of the group allows Valdes to mix and match the works, “like a jigsaw puzzle,” until the vision of “Futurespective” comes to life.

Each member of the group interprets the theme individually, such as Christopher Carter’s heavy, powerful sculptures with deep roots in history or David Marsh’s abstract, visual paintings with layers, materials, techniques and the place of the painter himself. George Sanchez-Calderon’s large-scale projects engage in the modern condition while JeanPaul Mallozzi adds his distinct paintings of emotional observation. Jel Martinez puts an urban spin on art — going beyond graffiti with explorations of erasure, removal and texture. Johnny Robles’ work ranges from murals juxtaposing delicate black and white renderings with bright colors and site-specific installations. Kiki Valdes’ expressionist paintings explore the multi-dimensional complexities of people, religion, American-life, sex, and superstition. Ruben Ubiera’s Post-Grafism, centered on urban life and the Diaspora culture of the city via installation and mixed media, adds to Miami’s present and future representation.

The “Futurespective” opening reception will be held on Thursday, February 4th and run through Friday, March 8th at the Arte City Building in Miami Beach.

Opening Reception – Thursday, February 4, 8 -11 pm

Closing Reception – Friday, March 1, 8 – 11 pm

For more information on “Futurespective,” the artists, or upcoming events, visit

www.marguliesagency.com or call 305.972.8962.

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