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The Sexiest Piece of Body Jewelry You’ll Want To Wear

The Gypsy waistbeads by Bless Your Belly

Festival season is around the corner and soon there will be lots of Instagram pics of girls donning body jewelry. However, there is one item that still seems to be flying under the mainstream radar and so I thought I’d share it with you. While I simply adore jewelry of all kinds (diamonds are still a girl’s best friend), this one flourish has a seductive power quite unlike any other piece of jewelry I have ever worn. In fact, I can’t stop buying them.

Simply put, I’m addicted to waist beads.

Waist beads have their history rooted in Africa, even though many ancient traditions have also revered and celebrated the womb space, which is, quite literally, the seat of creation. And that just might be why they are so deliciously carnal. No other type of body jewelry oozes with this much sensuality, adorning the oh so sexy sacral chakra that governs, among other things, reproduction. In all their earthy splendor, these charming belly (or hip) decorations scream love goddess without ever uttering as much as a whisper. Instantly elevating you from mere mortal to femme deity, you will walk differently when you wear them – even if you’re the only one who knows you have them on.

Best worn with crop tops or low riding, flowing maxi skirts if you’d like them on full display, there is actually no wrong time to wear them. Let it be your little secret… and the man you bestow the privilege of revealing them to. One of the best things about waist beads is that they are not really available at large corporate stores. Most are sold by small business artisans on sites such as Etsy, who put much pride and love into their craft. And they are very affordable – the most expensive ones I have seen were close to $100 but not over that amount, but many are offered for prices between $20 and $30.

Wrap and Soul waist beads

And the plethora of shops on Etsy and elsewhere on the web that offer them mean a wider selection for the consumer to choose from. Some waist beads are single strand, others are multilayered and they are designed from a multitude of different materials, from beads to glass and semi-precious stones, crystals and metal trinkets. Many artists craft their beads with a specific symbolism in mind. I have a set of beads made with rose quartz, a crystal known for its ability to strengthen romantic energy and the heart chakra, which also has a planet Venus symbol on it which embodies the sacred feminine.

I have another with a small brass pendant of the Egyptian Goddess of truth, balance and harmony, Ma’at, and one with a pewter tiger pendant and tiger’s eye beads to represent my Chinese Astrological sign, but also because tiger’s eye is known for bringing protection and good luck to the wearer. I even have one with a dragon pendant, because, well … Game of Thrones. In total, I own 15 and counting …

But enough of me, ladies, it’s time for you to get your own. Or maybe you’ll be lucky and that special someone will gift you a set. And fellas, you’ll score major cool points with a gift like this (bonus points if you know her waist size, but even if you don’t know it exactly, many waist beads come with an extension chain). So as a way to show some post-Valentine’s Day love to our readers, I asked two of the stores that I have purchased from to give a discount to our Splash! readers (that’s you!).

Use coupon code OCEANLOVE for 15% off at WrapandSoul and coupon code OCEANSTYLE for 10% off at either Blessyourbelly on Etsy or www.

*As seen in Ocean Splash Magazine.