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This Is Madness: Givit Video-Sharing App Updated With ’300′ Effect And Other Features

This Is Madness: Givit Video-Sharing App Updated With ’300′ Effect And Other Features

It appears that today is video-sharing app update day here on AppAdvice. Already, I’ve told you about the latest updates to Vyclone and VideofyMe. But I believe I have room for one more update pertaining to another video-sharing app, Givit.

Less than a month after its last big update, Givit has received yet another significant update. The new update adds, among other improvements, a new feature that you may or may not “like” and another that may inspire you to yell, “Madness? This is Sparta!”

Givit now lets you find and invite your Facebook friends. With the newly updated app, you can see who among your Facebook friends are already on Givit and follow them. As for those who aren’t using Givit yet, you can easily invite them right from the app. Just tap the Facebook icon in the People section within the Explore tab.


The latest update to Givit also introduces a new “300″ effect inspired by the popular action film of the same name. Givit developer VMIX explains the “300″ effect thus:

“300″ applies that awesome movie effect, speeding your scene up slightly, then seamlessly jumping to slow motion before finally returning to normal speed. It’s a ton of fun to play with, especially for sports videos.

Furthermore, Givit lets you duplicate or split your scenes, add “smart” transitions that are in proportion with the length of your scenes, and watch any video on a bigger screen via AirPlay.

The new version of Givit also includes the following improvements:

  • Long pressing on a transition will now allow you to change all of your transitions to the one you are pressing on.
  • We’ve added a progress bar to the player so you can see how much of the video has downloaded while you’re watching.
  • You can now open music files in Givit with any app that supports “open in” for mp3 and m4a files (like Dropbox or Apple Mail).
  • Bug fixes, speed and stability improvements.

The new version of Givit is available now in the App Store for free. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or later.

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