Balance and Harmony

Balance and Harmony: Tina Myers-Matalon’s Keys to Success
Words by Nina Jankowicz for OCEAN Style Magazine.
Photography by William Richards for OCEAN Style Magazine.

Tina Matalon

Tina Matalon

Just looking at Tina Myers-Matalon’s biography could give any normal person an anxiety attack. On top of being the Marketing Director for Restaurants of Jamaica, one of the country’s largest companies, and an investor and marketer for KLE, an upscale entertainment group, Myers-Matalon is mother to two young children and still finds time to cultivate two of her passions, style and travel. She sat down with Ocean Style Magazine to discuss her secrets for fitting it all in: balance and harmony.

It’s All in the Family

Entrepreneurial drive is in Myers-Matalon’s genes. In 1975, Tina’s father Anthony Myers fell ill and lost his pilot’s license. But instead of mourning the loss of his first career, Myers seized an opportunity to become a KFC franchisee. Restaurants of Jamaica was born. After his passing in 1991, Anthony’s wife Lorna, who had helped build the company from the ground up took over as CEO.

Myers-Matalon says that the respect she holds for both her parents’ accomplishments and work ethic has been her “foundation through everything.” After finishing school, Myers-Matalon dabbled in the sales, marketing, and tourism businesses in both Florida and the Bahamas. It quickly became clear that marketing was her calling, and to solidify her skills, she pursued professional development programs at Cornell University and opportunities with marketing partners in the Northeast, which helped her grow her career.

When Restaurants of Jamaica was looking for a Marketing Director, Myers-Matalon didn’t hesitate. “I couldn’t resist coming back home to do what I loved, even though taking over marketing for one of Jamaica’s largest companies was intimidating,” she remembers. And the position didn’t come without an edge: “Living up to expectations as the youngest in a family of successful business people was scary to say the least but I never give up a good challenge!”


Tina Matalon

Myers-Matalon continued to push herself, joining the KLE investment group, which specializes in upscale nightlife in Jamaica, with her husband. The group found immediate success, she remembers, when it “opened Jamaica’s first upscale night spot, Fiction Lounge.  That project led to the development of Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records sports lounge and casual dining establishment and to subsequent expansion with the recent opening of Famous Nightclub in Portmore and additional Tracks & Records’ to open in the near future.  I am very proud of these ventures and for being a part of a team that has built very strong and successful Jamaican brands with huge potential for global expansion.”

Myers-Matalon credits her successful partnership with her husband for their entrepreneurial gains; though they oversee different areas of KLE group, she says her husband “He keeps me focused and organized.  He is very project management oriented so, he keeps the free-flowing marketing mind in check!”

When asked about her future plans for both ROJ and KLE, Myers-Matalon let on only that there is “a lot to come from both ROJ and KLE, hopefully with my help and involvement in both!”

Home Life
Business makes up only half of Myers-Matalon’s daily concerns. Caring for her children, Sydney (8) and Jacob (6), comes before all else. “My life is my family,” Myers-Matalon says, proudly. “I try to prioritize, not get stressed, plan ahead, and focus. My husband and I have found a rhythm where even our social life and travel fits in.”

Cultivating her passions–style and travel–is a must for Myers-Matalon. She calls her mother and other female family members her personal style inspiration. “They not only know what to wear, but how to wear it,” she says. When it comes to big names, Myers-Matalon turns to Diane Von Furstenburg for clothing for all occasions, and loves Gucci and Jimmy Choo shoes and handbags. She notes that bags are how she incorporates style into her everyday life, and how she keeps it all together during a busy day. Lip gloss, sunglasses, car keys, phone and iPad are all housed in a chic purse that matches effortlessly with her daily outfit: a short sleeve branded button down, pants, and Tory Burch ballet flats.

Travel is when Myers-Matalon’s casual and comfortable style comes out to play. When vacationing, she favors DVF swimsuit sets, Jimmy Choo jellies, comfortable dresses, rompers, and True Religion jean shorts. Whether enjoying the Bahamas, the family’s favorite place, or on an African safari, their favorite vacation to date, Myers-Matalon makes sure she’s relaxing in style.

If Myers-Matalon’s life seems a whirlwind to you, you have the right idea. But she notes that today, her life is accessible to all women. Her advice? “Break through the stereotypes and stigmas of the “working woman” or “housewife.” I don’t think it’s an “either or” situation anymore.  If you put your mind to it, you can do it all with balance and harmony.”

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