Top 11 Gifts for the Super Women in Your Life

“Phyllis, set up a meeting with Mr. Mareaux from Global Independent Exchange at 8am on Friday, pull some reviews on yesterday’s product launch, add my daughter’s dance recital to my calendar for tomorrow, send a Congrats card to Mrs. Whiteman for opening her new restaurant, then get me on a conference call with the bank and our client and please ensure my morning coffee is on time today!”

If you know a woman who talks too fast for their secretary but never misses a beat, then you’ve experienced this scenario we described. In the age when more and more women are rising to positions of prominence, we’ve all encountered a super woman who exudes confidence, is meticulous in organizing and getting things done and has more than enough money to treat herself to whatever her heart desires. Then comes her birthday…

The question that baffles everyone is, “What do I get her that she doesn’t already have and that isn’t going to break the bank?” Are we right or are we right?

OCEAN Style insiders have created the ultimate gift guide for the ultimate woman that takes the guesswork out of gifting. Whether she is your mom or your boss, these 11 gifts are sure to make her smile on any occasion. Here’s our top 11 countdown.

11. A great book

Books are always a great gift, especially for a woman who constantly wants to feed her intellect. The Secret Life of Bees is the ideal choice that doesn’t remind her that she is an overachiever while reserving the insult of linking her success to a feminist movement. Check out Good Reads for a copy.

10. Chocolate, Cake & Coffee

For a woman who is always on the go, coffee becomes essential. You can’t go wrong with a pack of the good stuff from the home of all right, Jamaica. Add some rum cake and a box of chocolates and she will clutch her pearls while doing some back flips. Get this delectable combo now.

9. Off-Occasion Flowers

Nothing makes a woman happier than an unexpected gift just to let her know that she is in your thoughts. Flowers lift the spirits but each one sends a different message so make sure you know what you’re telling her! This lovely bouquet can be purchased here.

8. Gourmet Dinner

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, this is also true for super women. Treat her (and hers) to a gourmet dinner at a nice restaurant. If she travels a lot, call the city she lands in and set one up for her while she’s there. She’ll appreciate the gesture.

7. A rare item no longer in production

This is like having an invaluable vintage record but no record player to listen it on. Try finding her a doll they used to make when she was a little girl and see that little girl spring back to life. It’s not about playing with it, it’s about the memories that it created for her. Trust us, she will be eternally grateful.

6. Spa Retreat

Treat the powerhouse she is to some relaxation. This one is sure to score you high points with her because on the go means little time spent to unwind. Book her a spa retreat to give her that opportunity to exhale. Massages work miracles.

5. Jimmy Choo Shoes

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” These witty words from Marilyn Monroe should give you the best clue to the perfect gift to get your super woman. The higher the heels, the more she’ll stand out.

4. Perfumes

This one should be the obvious gift choice for any woman so it had to make our list in the number 4 position.​ A great smelling woman is a successful woman. We chose Coco Chanel because she makes great perfumes and great quotes!

3. Lingerie

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “I’m NOT buying that for her!” And rightfully so. But a woman who feels sexy inside and out exudes confidence of astronomic proportions. Lingerie helps her to achieve this feeling. What we recommend is getting her a gift card to retailers who carry the intimate wear. That way, you wouldn’t be left with imagining her in the piece you picked out for her at all times of the day.

2. Relaxing Weekend Getaway

Dominican Republic, Samana Peninsula, Fishing boats on Beach at Las Terrenas

Number 2 on our list comes in at the higher end of the gift budget but she will be thanking you for years to come. Pick a location that she has not yet been to and watch your popularity with her soar. If this one isn’t within your reach, try booking her an excursion for one of her future trips instead. Horseback riding is bound to make her tingle with delight.

1. Gadgets, especially when they make her feel like a spy

Now this nifty necklace takes the number 1 spot because it doubles as jewelry and a USB device. Imagine how mysterious she’ll feel popping this baby she wears out for an evening into her computer!