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Top Luxury Fashion Brand Launches on One of the World’s Biggest Stages Among the Best in the Business

NEW YORKFeb. 1, 2018 / — One of the newest and most sought after designers will share some of her unforgettable fashions and designs with the world, on one of the biggest fashion stages in the city that never sleeps! Luxury Fashion Brand, BAHMARDI HAUTE COUTURE, will unveil its exquisite line of luxury, feminine and opulent embroideries during Style Fashion Week in New York CityFebruary 8 at the notable, swanky Cipriani, located at 110 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017.

Style Fashion Week represents the diverse cultures of New YorkLos Angeles, Miami, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Hamptons and Dubai, integrating international designers. With that, BAHMARDI HAUTE COUTURE is a fashion collection where East meets West, uniquely inspired by the rich colors and patterns of Eastern cultures and modern elements of a global world.

The fashion industry is totally abuzz over BAHMARDI HAUTE COUTURE designer, Tuenaz Bahmardi’s AW 18 Collection. This fascinating collection was inspired by florals which represent her journey through womanhood, motherhood and business. The florals, fabrics, and embroidery work embolden and signify feelings of love, passion, femininity, humility and strength. Unveiling her signature design amidst the excitement and buzz in the city that never sleeps, Bahmardi explains her bold fashion message “fashion is less about how you look and more about representing the essence of who you are”.

This powerhouse designer was born and raised in Mumbai, India.  There, at a young age, she spent hours at her mother’s boutique learning the industry, textures, colors and fabrics. This practical experience served as the bedrock that transformed her into the fashion dynamo she is today! Bahmardi is proud of the beautiful heritage of India. Her designs represent embroideries from Persia, AsiaIndia and more. She has developed an exquisite feel for fabrics and colors, a devotion to detail and a priceless sense for a woman’s taste and desire. The unique brand represents luxury, femininity, elegance and opulent embroideries. This is BAHMARDI HAUTE COUTURE.

Fashion designer and VIP supporters will be made available for media interviews. For more information or interview inquiries, contact Bahmardi Management at 678.717.8132 or info@bahmardi.com.

About Bahmardi Haute Couture
Established in 2017, Bahmardi Haute Couture is more than just a luxury brand. Bahmardi Haute Couture represents the people who work tirelessly in the fashion industry who are never seen, heard or recognized but are the foundation of the beautiful fashion designs we see worldwide. Machine and hand embroidery work is a dying art. Countless manufacturers now utilize computerized embroidery. Many embroidery workers are losing jobs and are unable to support their families. Bahmardi Haute Couture is solving this problem by utilizing and leveraging the quality work of so many hard-working and talented tailors, master cutters and embroidery artists.

SOURCE Bahmardi Haute Couture