Trinidad and Tobago: The Caribbean Roadshow


A team from Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) visited St. Lucia from June 21-23 and Curaçao from June 24-25 as part of a Caribbean Roadshow designed to promote the twin island paradise as a vacation destination known for its diverse cultural calendar, unmatched eco-attractions and delectable culinary landscape. The Roadshow was held under the theme Come Enjoy T&T.

Come Enjoy T&T Roadshow forms part of a continued thrust by Trinidad and Tobago to promote intra-regional travel within the islands of the Caribbean. The 10-member delegation included tourism officials from the Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Development Company (TDC), Tobago House of Assembly (THA), Trinidad Hotel Restaurants Tourism Association and Caribbean Airlines.

In St. Lucia, the team made presentations on Destination T&T and facilitated interactive sessions with the St. Lucian Media and Travel Agents, all geared to provide a better understanding of Trinidad and Tobago’s offerings. This was followed by an evening of cocktails and dinner highlighting the islands’ unique culture. The delegation’s second major event was a tourism showcase for the St. Lucian public held at the Blue Coral Mall on Thursday, June 23 from 11am-5pm. The showcase gave the T&T team an opportunity to present packages directly to St. Lucian consumers.

Strategically designed to provide a better understanding of the unique destination and to match products with various customers, the T&T team delivered similar travel and trade presentations to tourism affiliates in Curaçao. A T&T themed Consumer Event was also carded to take place at the Sambil Plaza- a huge shopping complex in Curaçao.

“The deepening of relations with St. Lucia, Curaçao and other Caribbean territories forms an important part of Trinidad and Tobago’s marketing strategy” explains Keith Chin, Chief Executive Officer at the Tourism Development Company. “Over 80,000 travelers from Caribbean islands visited Trinidad and Tobago in 2015 and our aim is to increase this number to 100,000 by 2018. Later this year, we expect to duplicate these activities in the French Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe to build on inroads that some of our private sector partners have achieved over the last few years.”

Chin continues, “T&T is a natural and cultural haven, offering thrilling nightlife, lush rainforests and an array of riveting sporting and recreational activities. We’re well-known for our annual festivals and unique traditions, so even though we may share some qualities with our Caribbean neighbors, no other destination in the region can boast of the range of activities, sites and attractions under one roof, so to speak. And that is what makes this destination so special.”

Steel pan soloist and arranger Darryl Reid and Oscar Benjamin popularly known as ‘Oscar B’ also joined the Caribbean Road Show.

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