US Teachers Visit Trinidad and Tobago to Develop Science Curriculum

Trinidad and Tobago

Teachers from the Omaha Public School in Nebraska, United States of America (USA) will be visiting Trinidad and Tobago to learn more about our country’s biodiversity and abundant eco systems as they seek to boost their Science curriculum and help students appreciate the varying scientific cultures of our twin island paradise. The teachers will be traveling to Trinidad and Tobago from July 11-18 and July 19-26.

Described as a professional development experience, the trip to Trinidad and Tobago forms part of the teachers’ specialized learning plans for improving science instruction at the Omaha Public School where Science is critical to students’ development. The school’s Science programme is structured to help their students achieve high levels of scientific literacy, while recognizing the scientific contributions and achievements throughout the world.

“The trip is coordinated by Green Edventures Tours, a US-based soft adventure company that participated in a three-day Familiarization (FAM) Trip for an influential group of ‘eco’ and ‘soft adventure’ tour operators in Trinidad and Tobago in August 2015” explains Warren Solomon, Acting Chief Executive Officer at the Tourism Development Company (TDC). “Just one week after the FAM trip, Green Edventures started booking their clients to Trinidad and Tobago and had already sold three group tours for 2016.”

“The partnership with Green Edventures Tours underscores the importance of the FAM Trips hosted by the TDC. Educating travel influencers and sellers by exposing them to the beauty and uniqueness of Trinidad&Tobago forms an important part of the TDC’s strategy for positioning the destination as a viable option for travellers with diverse needs.”

Green Edventures provides educational tours that help people to connect with and protect wild places and extraordinary animals in Alaska, Baja (Sea of Cortez), Costa Rica, Florida, and Trinidad&Tobago.

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