Waxing 101 – An Interview With Noemie Grupenmager

Waxing 101 – A Beauty Waxing Tips Interview With Noemie Grupenmager

Noemi Headshot 7Summer is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere, which also means that many of us will spend a lot more time getting de-fuzzed so that we can look good in the season’s hottest swimwear. We caught up to hair removal expert Noemi Grupenmager, CEO / Founder of Uni K Wax Centers, to ask about the “dos” and “don’ts” of bikini waxing.

What is the number one problem that women complain about with waxing?
The number one complaint is that waxing hurts, but it doesn’t have to be that way. For example, 21 years ago, I created a wax that is elastic, made of all natural ingredients and applied at body temperature. This revolutionary wax allowed the application process to change, as well. Now you can wax a larger part of the body in a quicker time. The result was a wax that is ouchless, gentle on the skin when applied and removed, and more effective in hair removal due to its elasticity than any other wax available, all in a fraction of the time other waxing takes.

How can women make their waxing sessions less painful?
Properly preparing your skin for your waxing appointment is the key to a comfortable service. First, you want to make sure the skin has been exfoliated and removed of all dead skin cells two days before your service. Also, hair is easily removed from hydrated skin than dry so drinking lots of water to hydrate from the inside out and applying a moisturizer to the area until the day before your service will make for a more comfortable experience. And choosing the right waxing center makes a difference. After the wax, the service provider should apply an individual cold pack to the skin to quickly close up the pores and reduce any possible redness, followed by a cooling cucumber gel to deeply hydrate the area. If your center doesn’t take those extra steps, find one that does.

Do you prefer a certain kind of wax for sensitive skin?
Elastic wax is great for all types of skin – but especially if the skin is sensitive. At Uni K, we only use elastic wax made of natural beeswax, essential oils and pine tree resin. Our wax is also gluten free.

What about wax using strips v. pour-on wax?
Wax strips and pour on wax are hard and synthetic waxes, both are harsh on the skin and are not the most effective. Elastic wax is all natural and is prepared for each customer fresh at their time of service, so every customer has their own wax ready for them.

Let’s say a woman visits a waxing salon and realizes too late that the wax the aesthetician was using was too hot. What should she use to soothe the burned area?
In the future, she should visit a waxing center that applies wax at body temperature to avoid this occurrence again. But first, a cold compress will help reduce the swelling, while an all-natural aloe vera gel will have a soothing and cooling effect.

D04_8486[1]What’s the most common mistake that women make in their post-waxing skincare routine?
Forgetting to exfoliate and moisturize the area are two common mistakes. To prevent the growth of an ingrown hair, the area should be gently exfoliated to keep the pores clear – this should begin two days after your service. And applying a moisturizer and keeping the area hydrated will extend the life of your service and keep your skin soft.

What product(s) do you find helps the most to prevent ingrown hairs?
A great body scrub is essential to ward off ingrown hairs, but if you happen to get one – then I love Uni K’s Ingrown Hair Roll-On. It’s an exfoliating gel that is specifically formulated for the treatment of ingrown hair.

Is there any advantage to using some of these special wax treatments like sugar or chocolate?
Sugar wax is painful and tedious, while chocolate wax is just hard wax with synthetic chocolate flavor to make it different, but neither of those offer any advantage.

Have you seen an increase in the number of men who request waxing services in the past few years?
Definitely! Men’s grooming has been a growing trend over the past few years and we are seeing more and more men interested in waxing their backs, shoulders, eyebrows and bikini waxes.

Speaking of men and since everyone is talking about the World Cup these days, is the Brazilian Wax still popular, or is there a pubic hair equivalent of the “hipster beard?”
The Brazilian Wax is certainly as popular as ever among our customers. Now that it’s summer and we’re spending endless hours on the beach and outside, it’s not the time for women to go au naturale. Plus, once you’ve gotten used to a full Brazilian bikini, you never go back!

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