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Tessanne Chin.

Tessanne Chin.


In an amazing move at connecting with fans across the Caribbean, the vocal powerhouse that is Tessanne Chin took time out of her busy schedule to answer questions from fans throughout the region. Life has not slowed down for the singer after winning Seson 5 of NBC’s hit reality series, The Voice. Having opened for acts such as Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight and performing at the White House for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Tessanne certainly has much to celebrate! Set her major label debut album Count on My Love on loop while you read all the words she had to say.

Trinidad & Tobago

Q: Sherry – Who has always been your role model personally or professionally? And why?

TC: Personally, my role model would have to be my mom because she is the first person… the first woman of my life and the first person I ever saw sing and you know just the way she is, the mother she is, the wife she is and also my sisters and I just really look up to my parents in every sense of the word.

Professionally, it would definitely have to be hands down, Celine Dion. Because I think she has a very unique ability to balance everything in her life, she is exceptional at what she does in terms of you know being an international singer but at the end of the day you can see she is a very grounded person and she has her priorities right; which is family.


Q: Mazielyn – What was it like singing in front of President Obama?

TC: Extremely nerve wrecking but also one of the proudest moments of my life and I had to try my best not to look at him or Michelle too much because the more I looked at them the more I got nervous and I tried to concentrate on everything else but definitely one of the proudest moments I’ve ever had


Q: Cathie – What advise would you give to young artistes who are trying to make it in the music world?

TC: Make sure you’re in this industry and this music world for the right reasons. I am in this industry because I absolutely love what I do. It is not about the hype, it’s not about fame it’s not about money it’s because I would be doing nothing else. (laughs) and I think I’ve proven that to myself because I remember doing music and feeling like ‘Oh my god I’m not really making any money (laughs) I’m not really getting anywhere but I love what I do and you know stick to your guns and be committed to what you love and keep going, just keep going.

Q: Tiffany – How has your life changed since winning The Voice and are you treated differently now that you are an international artist?

TC: Life has changed tremendously. We are actually doing this interview in an airport (laughs) in the Bahamas. So you know it’s been living out a suitcase, it’s been very fast paced, it’s been hectic at times and I’m not going to lie and tell you I haven’t felt a little off balanced at times but I love every moment of it. I especially love when I get to have a family member on the road with me because it is my little piece of home on the road

And in terms of people treating me different, people have always been kind to me so I am grateful for that but definitely a lot more people recognise which definitely (laughs) takes getting used to

Q: Oshine – Being that you have aspired and achieved so much, do you have any regrets? Or is there a moment that you would change or go about differently?

TC: No. Absolutely not. I don’t have regrets because everything I have done has led me to this point…good or bad so I can only hope and ask for guidance in the future to continue on the path I am on but to regret something would mean I didn’t learn from it

Q: Knysha – How important or supportive has your family been in your journey?

TC: They mean everything to me. I can’t do this without my family. Not at all. I can’t even fathom it. My strength, my perseverance I mean I am having a family chat at the moment with my family who are just encouraging me because they know I’m tired they know I just want to go home I’m looking at this suitcase and I just want to kick it (laughter) so ahm they just mean everything from me.


Q: Astrid – How did it feel hearing your name called as the winner of the Voice and how does it feel to be the first winner from the Caribbean?

TC: Oh my gosh, I still pinch myself because I still remember very clearly that moment exactly how I felt. I remember just thinking ‘Well Lord what will be will be” and when he said ‘Tess’ I just lost it. And it was the most amazing most shocking, joyful feeling ever.


Q: Nicola  – Was there any competition or jealousy between you and your sister (Tami Chin) growing up both as singers?

TC: Hell yea! You know we’re sisters so we went through the regular sister stuff…the little fights, fights for mummy and daddy’s attention, or fighting over this or that or food; which I won…obviously. We always had our little back and forth but I think when we moved to England we kinda quickly realized that we were all we had so at the end of the day she is my sister before anything else and blood come before anything else.


Q: Krystle – What is it like being in the international lime light? Is it what you expected and is there anything you haven’t gotten used to yet?

TC: I think that everything I’ve done in terms of being a singer in Jamaica and the Caribbean can only help and prepare you in a certain way but it’s never anything that you expect you know I don’t think there is anything you can do to fully prepare for the experience of this.

If anything, I have gotten used to travelling, I’ve become a Boss packer and I don’t think I’ll fully get used to the speed that everything has been going at but if anything I can say I’ve been finding my balance

Saint Lucia

Q: Tessa – What motivated you each week while competing on The Voice?

TC: What motivated me each was that I just wanted to get to the next round and I just wanted to be able to show them each week what I could do different or what I could do better. I remember Adam said to me that my motivation shouldn’t be to win it should be to create a moment and that was my motivation each week and thank God that happened


Q: Andrew – How do you balance family and work since winning The Voice?

TC: I’m very blessed to almost always have a family member with me…whether my sister, my dad or close friends who I consider family.


Q: Jose – Is there one celebrity that you have met since winning The Voice that made you starstruck?

TC: A few (laughs) but I’d have to go with President Barak Obama and Michelle Obama because they are just beautiful and it was just an incredible honor and I literally was lost for words thank God I only had to sing (laughs)




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