Your Fabulous Smile — The Story Behind “Project Smile”

by Dr. Anissa Holmes

Can you imagine not feeling confident to apply for a new job or go out in public because of the look of your smile? While this may seem unimaginable to you, many people are suffering with “low self esteem” because of the appearance of their smile.

“When a person does not feel confident about their smile, it can be particularly damaging to their self esteem, says Holmes. I have witnessed on countless occasions just how dynamic, transformative and in cases life-changing this kind of procedure can be. “ Although we have some patients who come in purely for cosmetic reasons, the patients that we are most passionate about in our office, are the people who come in because their self esteem is affected due to the color, white spots, or irregular shapes, or sizes. Holmes really wants to give back to the community, and hopes to make a Significant Difference for one well-deserved contestant.

Since the launch of Project Smile, we have seen many stories of people crying out for help because they really want to correct their smile, but because of one reason or another, have not been able to have treatment done. We are excited about the process, and can’t wait to see the final result.

People are encouraged to nominate someone who may be self-conscious about their circumstance or financially unable to undertake the necessary treatment. Through Project Smile you can nominate someone else for the treatment or put forward your own case and story for consideration. Entries are handled online and will be accepted until April 30. Dr. Holmes will then shortlist five candidates who will be invited for a consultation, after which she will select a candidate. The patient who is selected will be notified by May 15. For more information on entering as well as the applicable terms and conditions visit

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