One Flow - Cordyceps & Ginseng
One Flow - Cordyceps & Ginseng

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One Flow - Cordyceps & Ginseng

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Enhance Physical Endurance & Mental Function

Unleash your true potential with the extraordinary power of One Flow.

Developed to help you find confidence in your ability to perform, this tincture boasts Cordyceps mushroom extract and ginseng. While ginseng is an amazing source of antioxidants and a proven natural energy booster, Cordyceps enhances these effects with its potential ability to reduce inflammation and improve ATP production.

  • Boost energy & stamina
  • Sharper cognitive function
  • Support immune system
  • Reduce stress & fatigue
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Mood enhancement

To use: Shake well before use. 1 dropper held under the tongue for 60 seconds, or added to your favorite foods or beverages

Ingredients: MCT Oil, purified water, Cordyceps, ginseng, N-acetyl Cysteine, Cacao, Sunflower lecithin, artificial and natural flavorings. Peppermint extract flavoring.